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Terms of Use

1. Operator Of The Platform

The operator of the present platform and all associated sub-pages and apps, as well as the social media accounts, is INNODIMA Marketing Management in

United Arab Emirates

, hereinafter referred to as “we”. It is the owner of all content published on the aforementioned website, the App, and the Social Media Accounts (texts, videos, images, and other information).

123GetProperty is on the phone number +971 56 399 8 300 to be reached by our business partners and users or via the e-mail address hello(at)

2. Scope Of The Terms Of Use

The use of our platform and only valid in connection with our Privacy Policy Guidelines.

Only users who have read and understood our privacy policy guidelines and accept these terms of use are entitled to make full use of our website for their bookings and orders.

The bookings and orders for the offers made via our platform are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of INNODIMA and also to those of the providers of these services.

The use of this platform is for private use only. Passing on the offers to third parties is not permitted without our prior written consent.

3. No Request For Use

All information available for use on our platform has the sole purpose of providing the user with information on ordering a service. They are not a binding offer to the user of our platform.

If the user wishes to conclude a binding contract for booking or ordering a service, this contract is only concluded if the user makes a booking request on our platform and this is then accepted by the provider of the service in accordance with the general terms and conditions.

4. User Account

As a user of this platform, you are not obliged to create a customer account. For certain purposes, e.g. However, you must be a registered user to submit reviews. To do this, you need to create a customer account. However, having such an account also brings some advantages for you. You don’t have to keep re-entering your data, you have an overview of your orders, just like a wish list, and you can save your favorites.

Your customer account will be accepted under the following conditions:

– Your information is truthful, and you do not create a bogus account to carry out unauthorized acts.

– You use your name to register and do not pretend to be another person.

– You are responsible for updating your data.

You can delete your user account at any time. INNODIMA is also entitled to delete the registration of an account if the data turns out to be spam or attempted fraud. Claims that have already arisen remain.

5. Exclusion Of Warranty

INNODIMA endeavors to present all content presented on our platform as precisely as possible. Nevertheless, we do not assume any express or tacit guarantee for the reliability, correctness, topicality, and completeness of the content posted there.

The same applies to their suitability for any other or specific purpose and also applies to the information provided by third parties.

We reserve the right to change, expand or delete all content, functions, and the structure of our platform at any time and at our own discretion, even without prior notice. This also includes the right not to specifically mark outdated content as such or to remove it.

We are entitled to make the user’s access to our website dependent on certain conditions to be met in advance and to block his access to our platform in full or in part.

In addition, we do not assume any liability for the technical availability of our platform or its functionality and freedom from possible defects. This exclusion of warranty also includes the freedom of our platform and its infrastructure from malware and viruses.

If the contents of our website have been changed by unauthorized third parties or technical defects, we also do not accept any liability for this fact that we did not want and are not responsible for.

6. Limitation Of Liability

We, INNODIMA, our independent cooperation partners, our legal representatives, our own, and third-party employees are neither liable for technically impossible access to our platform nor for damage caused by user access to our platform.

The same applies to possible omissions, errors, or results obtained from the use of our website, regardless of the legal basis for these.

7. Third-Party Content

We are not responsible for the content of third parties on our platform. This includes all offers available there and the related additional information.

INNODIMA also assumes no liability for the content that is linked to our platform or for the content that is linked to other websites.

If you use the links that lead to third-party websites, this is entirely at your own risk. To ensure that your personal data is not used improperly, you should read the guidelines of the websites concerned carefully beforehand.

8. Use Of The Website & App

We hereby grant you the non-transferable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, revocable, and worldwide right to use our website & app in accordance with our terms of use. As a user of the website & app, you are obliged to strictly adhere to the terms of use.

As a user, you may only make as many copies and backup copies of the app as are required for your lawful use.

We, INNODIMA, prohibit third parties from using our website & app

– copy

– reverse engineer

– adapt

– modify

– disassemble

– decompile

– adapt

and to correct possible errors contained in it in whole or in part.

We also prohibit the marketing, sub-licensing, translation, alteration, adaptation, and modification of our website & app or any associated documentation.

The partial or full use of your source code for other software programs or related attempts is also prohibited.

9. Copyright

Our platform and all content between you and the platform is and will remain permanently protected by intellectual property rights, copyright, and competition law.

As a user, you do not receive any rights to our platform and to the brands, names, and trade names mentioned in it. In addition, you as a user are not allowed to integrate our platform into other websites, license, copy, send or present it in any other possible way without our prior written consent.

The partial or full use of the source code or attempts to do so are also prohibited.

10. User Reviews

Our platform allows you to submit reviews of the provider’s services and publish them on our platform. Reviews can only be submitted by registered users.

You are fully responsible and liable for the content of these reviews. In particular, you must ensure that you refrain from hate speech, false allegations, insults, or the like.

We reserve the right to delete user reviews that violate the aforementioned rules. Content with terrorist or pornographic content is displayed immediately.

11. Advertising Permission

As a user of our advertising platform, you grant INNODIMA the right to present your user reviews on the platform or other media.

Providers hereby grant INNODIMA unrestricted permission to use your offers, images, and videos for advertising purposes and expressly assure that you are the owner of the intellectual property and the author of the uploaded texts, videos, and photos.

This means too that users and providers are not entitled to any remuneration.

Users and providers fully indemnify INNODIMA against third-party claims. This does not apply if INNODIMA is guilty of a violation of the law.

12. Modification Of Terms Of Use

INNODIMA is authorized to change these terms of use at any time. These changes will take effect immediately as soon as they are published on our platform.

In order to always be familiar with the applicable terms of use, we recommend that you, as a user of our platform, read our terms of use at regular intervals.

Any use of our platform that you have made after changing the terms of use is automatically deemed to be your consent to the changes to the terms of use.

13. Place Of Jurisdiction

All disputes that arise between the user or the provider and INNODIMA through the use of this website are subject to the laws of the UAE.

Only the courts of our company headquarters are the place of jurisdiction. The prerequisite for this is that we, INNODIMA, are in a position to file a lawsuit against the relevant user of our platform in a competent court due to the infringement of intellectual property and subject to binding legal provisions.

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